Thursday, June 16, 2011

Good-bye Art Room, Hello Summer!!

As I take art off bulletin boards, clean the counter tops and pack everything away off the floors so that the custodians can clean the room during the summer, I am already thinking of new projects for next year. How obsessive is that!! (although I am sure some of you must do the same thing)

 I have a huge pile of odd sizes of foam core that I started sorting and cutting.

It is for what I think will be a very cool collage inspired by James Rizzi and when I should be thinking about summer fun, here I am anxious to see what it will look like!! I think maybe this is because I really don't like endings, but I love beginnings. So much hope and promise as you anticipate what will come!
So, I have taken down the giant pencil and crayon [you may remember from September -  see link here](had to leave the top of the paint brush because I couldn't reach it and was too lazy to go get a ladder!!) and I am off to enjoy the next 2 months. YEAH!

I'm not sure how I'll be using this blog during the summer, but I'm sure I'll think of something. It may be a place to share some new projects in tutorial form, or think about inspirations for next year's work, or maybe just a space to relax and enjoy the "fruits of summer"! We'll see. I know I am already looking forward to and enjoying reading about what others are doing with their summer. Hope we ALL have a restful, fun time and can rejuvenate to be able to start again in Aug. or Sept.


  1. Have a nice summer!

    And you are not the only one who is thinking about new projects ...

  2. I've also been cutting foam core scraps for Rizzi next year! I keep saying it - we art teachers have parallel brains. And my giant scrap bin, which I usually use up in the last weeks, was over-the-top full since I was out two weeks. So I'm planning some HUGE masks with the leftover papers in September. And meanwhile I'm cleaning up too, and playing Color & Shape Bingo and art room Pictionary. Busy busy!

    By the way, I love the giant pencil etc but the idea that that is your HALLWAY is an alien concept to me. Hallways outside? It wouldn't work here!!

  3. Not all teachers love on their spaces. You clearly do. I think the kids sense that, don't you? Nesting in the room is also showing the love to the kids.

  4. It's very true, I do love creating a fun space for learning!

  5. I love your classroom- large bright windows- I have none:(

  6. Miss - I know -- I feel really able to be able to use this room!! It makes me happy just walking in it!