Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Does Teacher Do During the Summer?

Well, I started my summer off by walking down to our local Farmers' Market on WEDNESDAY. Usually I can only go on Saturdays. I strolled along buying this and that and snapping a few photos until I got to the flower stall. Spent quite awhile there and left with just a small bouquet of sweet peas.

When I got home, fully motivated by the flowers, I tried out my new Fluid block of watercolor paper -- 8" X 8". I liked it because it is only connected on 2 sides and easy to release when you are done painting.

What a perfect way to start the summer!!


  1. What a beautiful watercolor! 8 X 8?! You do an amazing job with a smaller format.

  2. What a lovely painting! I am useless with watercolor - so I have a lot of respect for those who use it well. Just lovely!!

  3. Mary & Phyl -- Thanks. I've never had time enough to devote to painting to actually get really good. But, since I've been doing the Sketchbook Challenge (since January) I am trying to be a bit more disciplined about spending time with a sketchbook (and leaving it out and accessible.) For me, in a small space, watercolors are less mess than some other paint choices to leave out and I am finding I'm liking them more and more!!
    Happy summer to you both.