Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finished Project

Here is our finished 3-D Circle Painting (although the 3 dimensional cylinders are hard to see, even when you zoom in). This could almost be an "I Spy" exercise!!!

As kids talked in their teams about where to place the cylinders, they considered where the predominant color of the cylinder would best fit in with the overall design, how they could best lead the viewer's eye toward the center and spacing out the cylinders. As they surveyed the work, I also had them think back to yesterday and talk to me about the kinds of artistic decisions they made as a group. I heard such things as
"We made chains and stars."
"We worked together with 2 colors to make spirals."
"I used the color wheel to figure out opposite colors so that it would stand out."
"We worked together to make sure there were connections between what we each painted."
"Our group thought it would look good to layer colors of paint as the paint started to dry."
I absolutely LOVED watching and listening as kids created this art. It was such an authentic evaluation of all they have learned this year!!!!


  1. This looks very cool :)
    I did see the cylinders when I zoomed in, but I get your 'I spy' comment :D

    Ilse at

  2. I love these!!!! I will absolutely be trying this project next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. These are wonderful! I can't wait to try this next year!