Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What To Do With Extra Foil??

School doesn't start until tomorrow for us, so I have this extra time on my hands. I also have this box of foil left over from a previous project and some great illustration board that is adhesive on one side. So I started thinking about how we could use it.
Note: You get 500 sheets in this box!!!!!!!!

I LOVE that the foil is pre-cut to a manageable size so that neither I nor the kids will have to cut it. I got it at our local Smart & Final store for about $10. I also love that with the peel off adhesive backed board we won't need glue!! Both of these are time savers since I'd like a project that can be finished in one 40 minute session.

I cut some yarn and made a design, just pressing it gently on the the adhesive board. Next, I carefully pressed on the foil sheet, starting from the center and working out so I wouldn't tear it and I could press it into the folds of the yarn.

Last step was to choose 2 colors of permanent markers and make designs with dots and stripes. I could have used acrylic paint, but didn't feel like getting them out just now. This is a quick lesson that could be used for lines/patterns/texture/color theory, etc. I think it would be great to have on hand for a substitute teacher!!


  1. I love the idea of using yarn on the adhesive board. I did a foil name art project - but it takes 3 sessions. I wrote a post about it on my new blog k6art.com.

    here is the link

  2. Cool idea! I don't have adhesive board, but I do have double stick stuff that would work great on my mat board scraps. I feel the seed of an an idea brewing in my little brain!!!

  3. Phyl - I imagine spray adhesive would work, too, although I've never tried it:)

  4. this was just what i needed! i have some illustration boards that we did glue lines on (got the idea off pinterest) and it didn't really work when the glue dried...it flattened a little bit without the result i wanted. i've just kept them on the kids' shelf waiting for an idea to come to me! AND HERE IT IS!!! I'm going to have them glue the yarn on like a huichiol yarn painting and then put the foil over it...it may be a bit messier than your method, but it'll be great! thanks for the inspiration! this was just what i needed on this cold morning :)
    ps- think you can get those foil sheets from Sam's Club?!

  5. Sam's Club might have them. Smart and Final is a smaller warehouse store that has restaurant supplies so someplace like that would probably work for you.

  6. I played around with this today a bit. I used my double stick on mat board scraps (worked great) and I tried yarn and some other stuff - buttons,paper mosaic squares, foam, etc. The foil tore over the buttons and the foam didn't work too well, but the mosaic squares were interesting. I had fun doing some stuff with Sharpies on it, so we'll see if I get a chance to do it with the kids!

  7. The dollar store carries foil sheets! :)
    My question is where do I find adhesive board? We can not spray anything at school so it would need to be done day before so not stinky and stay sticky or those nifty adhesive boards. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous:
    I was given my adhesive boards by a local framing stores that saves their "throw away scraps" for me. If you don't have a source for these and you can't spray adhesive, I would just have the kids make their line with glue and lay the yarn carefully down on the glue line. Actually, until this year, that is how I have done this kind of project. Hope you have fun with it:)

  9. I did this with my art class and used recycled cardboard. We just sprayed adhesive spray on it. It worked great and cost very little