Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calder/Hundertwasser Results

Of my 4 fifth grade classes, two finished their kinetic sculptures today. Here are some of their works:

The other two classes are still working on theirs. This is definitely a two-session project for the average class. Next time I'll plan differently. I actually wasn't planning on having to review things 3 times -- like "put the cap on the glue stick so it doesn't dry out" and "remember to draw on the fold so that when you cut you don't end up with 2 separate circles." Ah, well....

Next week, the kids that finished up will be starting our long awaited Rizzi inspired project. Can't wait!!!


  1. What a a great project to teach the power of the 3-D objects.

  2. a-ha! i'll use this idea next year, because i will have exhausted my supply of empty cones... i like it!