Sunday, January 8, 2012

Circle Paintings Cut Apart!!

From time to time, many of us have commented on how we divide murals or cooperative artwork. A while back our 4th graders worked together to create acrylic circle paintings (on 18"X24" paper) see here for details.  They knew that ultimately their original paper would be cut in fourths and that each of them would get one fourth.

I loved the way the original wall looked, with all the large paintings mounted side by side, but I think I even like the cut-up artwork better! I started cutting this week and here are a few of the first examples just set out on the rug.

Each turned out to be a really colorful abstract with cool elements of design. I am anxious to return them to the kids and see their reaction!!


  1. So nice and cheerful/colorful! This is tempera, right? What brand?

  2. This was mostly acrylic -- a mix of brands. I thought of you as I cut them into fourths:)