Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teachers' Field Trip

Last week on my day off, my brother, his wife and I, after a great breakfast at Marston's (a charming little restaurant in a house-like setting) went to the Huntington Library in San Marino for the day (along with a few busloads of kids on a field trip). As former teachers they appreciated the free feeling of NOT being responsible for the hoards of kids!! This day was actually a gift to my brother to go and see the exhibit of Sam Maloof, the master furniture designer/builder. A number of years ago my brother, who builds beautiful furniture himself, had the opportunity to meet and visit with Sam at his home and this was an exhibit showcasing many of the furniture pieces that had been in the family home -- so it was a special visit!!

It was an uncharacteristically beautiful "77° summer day" in January in Pasadena and we had a wonderful time. Thought I'd share some of my photos of the exhibits and the grounds. I had not been there since I was a child and went on a field trip to see "Pinkie" and "Blue Boy" in the European Collection!! Sometimes it does the soul a world of good to take a day off from "real life" and just soak in some beauty!!

This was a great chair -- hand painted with a peacock feather in the back. Wouldn't I just LOVE to have something like this!!

This is by Helen Frankenthaler.

Here is one of Sam Maloof's signature rockers.

The former "main house" houses the European Collection. Wouldn't you love to relax with a cup of tea on this over-sized porch?

I can remember seeing this as a child on our field trip here!

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