Monday, February 21, 2011

A Nice Surprise!!

This morning I opened my blog to find a surprise blogger treat called "Stylish Blogger Award" from Mary at Marymaking:    Thanks, Mary!! It was a real compliment to read that you think I try to think "outside the box." I don't think I always succeed, but I do try. I love your blog, too!!

The three requirements to receiving this "shout out" are to
     1) Link back to the person who awarded you
     2) List 7 things about yourself
     3) To pass the award along to 5 other blogs that I enjoy reading.

I thought about the later two for awhile. First, I didn't think I could come up with 7 things (that proved wrong, I could actually think of quite a few things!). The second was REALLY hard because I enjoy far more than 5 blogs and, since I am fairly new to blogging, I don't know which blogs have already received this award or would want to participate again. Oh, well, here goes...

7 Things About Me:
1. I have family living in Montana, so I visit the Bitterroot Valley every summer.
Looking toward Totem Peak above Victor, Montana
2. One of my favorite things to do to relax is to cook or bake.
Mom's apple crisp just before going into the oven

3. I am currently participating in The Sketchbook Challenge and having such a good time with it. You can click on my sidebar to read all about it, but basically they post a new "challenge" or topic each month and folks draw and post sketches (paintings, etc.) on a Flickr account and you get to see how everyone else interprets the topic. One of the best parts is that everyday one of the artists that host the challenge posts an article about some technique or idea. I look forward each morning to reading these. It is really a fun experience. Here is one of my pages for the theme "opposites":
Opposites - Sweet and Sour
4. I seem to progress from one craft to another: quilting, watercolor, beading, ... who knows what is next!
5. I am new to blogging and am loving the range and access to creative people!!
6. The blogs of others have got me interested in investing in a better digital camera, learning how to use it and maybe even exploring Photoshop.
7. I am a HUGE basketball fan, so this is my season!!

I am passing this award on to 5 Blogs I enjoy (This was REALLY, REALLY hard because I really love all the blogs on my sidebar and the others that I follow.) I am choosing a variety of blog types and perhaps a few newer blogs that have not had one of these awards yet (although I can't be sure). But I really think you all deserve an award and pat on the back!!

    Rachel has some cool projects using LINE and COLOR. I also liked her recent post
    using cafeteria styrofoam trays!!
    Jacquelien has been blogging for a bit longer and often has clever or unusual  
    applications that trigger ideas.
    Kate has fabulous photos that provide great inspiration. (and the cutest dog, George)
    I found this blog via Chronicles of a Country Girl (above) and the very first photo
    of the sun rising on Maine had me hooked!! It just started (a few weeks ago, I think).
   Jane La Fazio is a San Diego artist who does fiber art, mixed media, etc. I love seeing
   her sketchbook work and am signed up to take a workshop from her in May. I'm really
   looking forward to it!!

I have to throw in one more creative blog that I love reading. It's There's a Dragon in My Art Room  Phyl was my first blog follower when I started in September and didn't have a clue as to what I was going to do on this blog. Just having her sign on gave me the confidence to forge on and figure it all out. Thanks, Phyl.


  1. How kind of you to link to my blog. Congratulations on your award. I loved reading these facts about you and have always wanted to visit Montana. Actually, my husband wanted to move there years ago when we were young. I said no because I wanted to stay on the East Coast to be closer to family.

  2. Congratulations! Those were some nice choices for passing along the award.

  3. Wow, Christie--thank you!! I am pretty much completely dumbstruck, having commenced blogging only three weeks ago tomorrow! It has been so easy with all the help and encouragement that has come my way from people like you. I do accept, and will do the 'homework' with pleasure, just not today because it is packing day. Going back to the east coast tomorrow, and to Maine the next day. I can happily get to it tomorrow or the next day for sure.

    You are so sweet. Thank you!!

  4. Thank you very much for this blog award! I'll pass it through to five other bloggers!

  5. Jacquelien is a deserved award winner!
    She inspired me to start my own blog! And this way I got to know so many other art teacher bloggers!
    It's great seeing so many people share their ideas!

  6. Thanks Christie! This whole blog thing has happened so quickly for all of us. Mine is almost a year old, and I didn't know what I was doing when I began either!

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  8. Rachel S. said...
    Thank you so much Christie! I really really appreciate the enthusiastic support you lend my blog. I love the continuum of enthusiasm and inspiration for meaningful art lessons that I have discovered by entering this community of blogs. Amazing!