Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dots and Lines/ Warm and Cool Collages

A couple of weeks ago I went with a friend to the Rosamund Felsen Gallery at Bergamot Station here in Santa Monica to see Kim MacConnel's paintings. The colors, the lines, the design -- FABULOUS!! What a great inspiration! MacConnel is a San Diego artist and I am so happy to have discovered his work!

So, using this inspiration, this week 2nd graders will be creating abstract dimensional collages using warm and cool colors. I have a collection of images from Google that I will be sharing with them, along with paintings by Kim MacConnel on display here. Students will make warm and cool mini-art using markers and then arrange them (overlapping) on a black illustration board.

I'll have them use small blocks of foam core board to raise the art to different levels.


  1. cool. i like the multi-dimensional aspect to the final piece.

  2. Thanks. I hope these little guys can accomplish it!!

  3. I love this lesson, thanks for sharing ! Can I ask you ?. I'm just starting to teach art to the kids (7-10 years old), how you make them doing the abstract forms ? I found that kids starting to draw something real,- objects, people, etc., how to make them be concentrate on abstraction ?

    I will be so grateful for the answer,

    best regards,
    Olga D.

    1. Before starting to draw I had the kids look at (and talk about) the art of Kim MacConnel at this website:

      We talked about the shapes and variety of line thickness. I also pointed out that each of his lines or patterns started at the top and went all the way to the bottom of the paper (no stopping in the middle)!!! I think one reason kids were successful with this was that we were working on small squares, too.