Sunday, August 24, 2014

We Celebrate Color in a New School Year

Kindergarteners painted these Fauve-inspired faces and line/color balloons last spring (posted here), but I saved a HUGE batch to assemble in our auditorium to help usher in our new school year with a bang!

The celebration of color continues on the opposite wall with collages modeled after Picasso's Rooster and a collage mural further down patterned after Eric Carle and made with painted papers. I have posted both of these lessons previously under "Collage."

I don't actually start with students for another couple of weeks, so I've been busy getting my Art Cart ready and auditioning some new potential lessons -- more on that later, of course. So, a little hemming . . .
 and a little Velcro . . . and my little space is ready to wheel the corridors:-) I made the fabric panels to cover the contents that I am leaving on the shelves and to distinguish this cart from the others around the school, in the hope that it remains where I left it when I am off campus:))

 For all of you who have already started teaching, I hope you had a wonderful beginning!!

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  1. I love the idea of celebrating color, and oh, your cart is SO adorable!