Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Looks Like Weaving, But . . .

You know how you sometimes just collect a bunch of something that you KNOW can be recycled into art?? Well, here are a few of MANY boxes that I have accrued:
At first I was going to use them to create weavings, so I cut them into skinny strips:
That reminded me how hard it was to cut cardboard when I was a little kid. My hand would hurt and I would always run to my mother to help out (fortunately she did!). So, if I do this with kids I think I'll pre-cut the strips on the paper cutter.

Then, instead of weaving, I decided to glue horizontal strips onto a 6" X 6" piece of illustration board . . .

. . . and then glue vertical strips on top of them.

This would be MUCH easier than weaving for younger kids, but the effect is quite similar. I went a step further and cut the ends varying lengths -- I think it looks better.

Of course, I never really got to weave, which was my original objective, so I decided to add on to these using weaving. But I am not quite finished, so I'll save that story for another day. Have a good week.


  1. Cereal boxes are one of my favorite freebie materials! They are great for constructing 3-D features on a papier-mâché armature, they are great for making little looms (we used the looms to weave little pouches), and then there's my favorite use: 'Cerealism' - fun collages in the fashion of pop artist (and inventor of 'cerealism') Michael Albert!

  2. Hi Phyl
    I remember your post on "cerealism". Loved it then, loved it now!!!