Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dot Day is Getting Near

September 15, International Dot Day, is fast approaching. This project is inspired by Peter H. Reynolds book, The Dot and you can check Google for the website and more information.  This year I think it would be fun to have the kids make dots with a collage of painted paper.

Of course, to start you need some painted paper. I like to have classes make a batch of this using tempera at the beginning of the year and then I always have some on hand.

Students start by painting the paper a solid color and then print designs on top using a collection of objects I have around (paper towel tubes, forks, spoons, old kitchen utensils, plastic lids, paint brushes) and contrasting colors.

To make the circles for this project we start by cutting a dot for the center. Then students cut curved line segments to glue around the dot, creating a circle. They can keep gluing segments until the circle reaches the size they would like. A cool math connection might be to have kids find the diameter of their circle when they are finished:))


My finished sample above was done on a 6" X 6" square of illustration board, but it could easily be done on black cardstock or construction paper. If the circles were done on these lighter papers, it would be fun to cut them all out and mount them floating around on a bulletin board for a great Dot Day display!!

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