Sunday, August 7, 2011

Montana Wildlife

I'm off for the next two weeks to visit family in Montana. They have brand new kittens that I know I'll be playing with, but let's hope I don't run into this fella.

My sister-in-law was sitting on their deck, heard a noise, and looked up to see this big guy munching on bird seed that had fallen from their feeder in that tree. They do live in the forest, but have never seen a bear up close on their property at noon. This is where I usually sit and paint. Hmmm. Not sure about that this year!!!!

Bye for a short while.


  1. Wow! We saw a black bear up close when we were in Montana last year. I have never seen so many signs to carry bear spray, I guess for good reason! Have fun!

  2. Wow That's the BIGGEST bear I ever saw besides at a zoo. . . and I used to live on 10 acres in the country. My hubby a city boy saw a bunch of bear cubs in a tree when we were in Colorado and when right up to them to take a picture. I freaked out when I saw what he was doing! Luckily momma bear didn't come by and freak out too!

  3. Oh my goodness! I hope the kittens stay inside...

  4. Phyl - Kitties are (and will always be) indoors. I heard yesterday that 2 bears were sighted up the road by the creek, so even I am watchful when outside!! Aside from that, weather is beautiful, family is fun, and kitties are ever looking for mischief (we live to "tucker them out"!)