Monday, August 1, 2011

Experimenting with Stencils and Prints

I saw an ad for a set of 10 Dough Rollers at Lakeshore (click Lakeshore to see the set) and started thinking about using adhesive backed foam to make print rollers with them. So I stopped by the store today to pick up a set and start playing.

I began with a roller, foam and green acrylic paint to roll out a background. I wasn't sure the adhesive would stick to the plastic well, but there was no problem at all!

One thing led to another and pretty soon I had wrapped some rubber bands around a cork (from the last wine bottle I used) and tried some prints with that using red acrylic. I would probably use tempera at school, but I don't have any at home to try it out now.

I had asked my mother to save me the steamer inserts from the Marie Callender's Steamer Bowls that she was eating last week. I tried using the steamer insert holes and a stiff brush to stencil the blue design -- COOL and SO easy!!

I'm not sure how I will implement all of these, but you will definitely see them again this year!! The green reminds me of underwater plants.


  1. what fun! I just also saw a pin (Pinterest) that was about texture rollers made hot glue. That could be another idea for printing, maybe?

  2. That's a good idea, too! The one thing I found with the adhesive foam on these rollers is that, while it adheres really well -- a good thing -- it's really hard to get off if you want back to back classes to make their own rollers!!

  3. Loved this! I can see how one would jsut start rolling away, and suddenloy find the whole day gone.

  4. You would love the "Print and Stamp Lab" book by Traci Bunkers