Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Back!!

What a blissful place!!

Back from vacation in Montana and thankfully, instead of seeing bears (like in my last post) we looked out at the same spot
to see our favorite deer waiting for us to come to the door to visit!!

We took a drive up to Big Fork at Flathead Lake one day -- so quaint...

and got 20 pounds of Flathead cherries to bring home and make into jam. Don't ask how long it takes to pit all those cherries!! Apricot jam is a whole lot easier!!

I had lots of time to see many Montana skies and take pictures. I may have the kids do some "sky" art work based on some of the photos (I'll have to think about that).

We also had PLENTY of time to play with two new kittens just getting used to their new home. This one decided to flake out on the door of the dishwasher as my sister-in-law was loading it up, and then we didn't have the heart to move him!!

Now that I am back I, like all of you, have turned my thoughts to school and how the year will start. I am getting anxious to begin again!!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to spend a vacation! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I actually used a blow dryer set to hot on the first two (because I don't have a heat gun :)) and the last one was done out in the sun. We have had 30+ days of 100 degree heat this summer, and more to come, so we have good heat for melting in the sun! I prefer the blow dryer or heat gun method. The sun was fun, but less reliable and ended up with more chunky crayon flow. Good luck getting back into your school year!

  2. Looks lovely! Welcome back. Did the kittens come home with you? (love cats).

  3. Alas, the kitties are my brother's, so we had to leave them there. The good news is that their family travels to my neck of the woods to see us in the winter (not too far away)!