Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wet-on-Wet Watercolors - Kindergarten

Kindergarteners worked with wet-on-wet watercolors this week to create their Alphabet Watercolors.

They listened to the story Mouse Paint to introduce the colors red, yellow and blue (that we would be using to paint with later in the lesson). Then, using the alphabet model on the Smartboard, made colored letters of the alphabet arranged in 5 rows.

I used a rubber band across their board to space the rows. As they finished one row, kids would slide the rubber band down to create a space for their new row. This helped with spatial arrangement.

Next I had them paint rings of plain water (like a doughnut) and drop 2 primary colors onto the ring and watch the paint spread and mix on its own.

As we are getting near the end of the year I had odds and ends paint to use. Not wanting to get out the pan watercolors, I used my SAX liquid watercolor for the blue. I didn't have any yellow or red of that left, so tried Dr. Ph Martin concentrate (which is actually a dye) because it was all Dick Blick's had when I went in. It wasn't so great for this application. Then I diluted some tube gouache I had in yellow and red. That actually worked pretty well, but the Sax liquid is much easier!!

Probably the hardest thing for kindergarteners was to remember to paint a clear water ring BEFORE dropping in the color AND remembering to wash their brush when changing colors (which was actually one of my main objectives).


  1. I've probably said this before. (I think it every time I read your posts.) I wish I had had you for an art teacher when I was in school! ;o)

  2. Very cool - I'm seeing shades of Jasper Johns here. They look terrific!

    You must be using a very good quality paper to have it support a rubber band without curling up. I don't usually use anything too expensive with the K's.

  3. Hi Phyl
    I used illustration board (various kinds) that a local framing shop donates. Actually, most of what we do at all grade levels is on this board. I LOVE being able to have kids use good quality paper and would not be able to afford to buy it with my tiny budget. The only drawback to using the board is that all the sides have to be re-cut to eliminate the sharp beveled edges before kids can touch it. And, of course, it is harder to hang on bulletin boards because it is so thick. Other than that, it is a real treat!!

  4. Love it. And wow, the liquid watercolors. I need to use them more!

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! Is there any chance you have a full shot of the bulletin board? I'd love to post it on my bulletin board blog. jan