Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bold Lines - Results

Using Sol Lewitt's "wall art" and the concept of working as a team to create a large work of art, each kindergarten class created its own VERY BOLD line by putting individual lines together (sort of like a puzzle!).  The two main skills were learning to use a marker on the diagonal slant to make a thick line and the use (and cleaning of) of a watercolor brush with one color of pan watercolors. The previous post gives the step-by-step, but here are some results:


  1. Yay! Looks great! So great to see my lesson re-interpreted and glad to see a wonderful result!

  2. Thank you again, Rachel. The kindergarten kids were SOOO enthusiastic when they saw that the pieces could be combined in any number of ways to create the giant line. We put them on the rug so they could try various combinations. Using the markers on their sides to get thicker lines was challenging for some, but it was really a fun project!!