Sunday, May 8, 2011

City Shapes and Sounds

I saw this lesson done with 1st graders on Artsonia (see here.) I am trying it with some variations with kindergarteners this coming week.

We will start with a Smartboard lesson viewing some of Stuart Davis' work (that I got from a Google image search). Part of that lesson includes a page where students see how to extend a line across the board to look like a street. Last week we made "bold lines" for our project and this is an extension of that concept. They will move shapes on the page to replicate city buildings. Then we'll start creating:
first, the streets:

next the buildings:

and finally, the words. (I got a traffic jam sound effect clip to add to my Smartboard lesson to motivate kids' thinking.)

Students will be creating their city as a collage.

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  1. THANK you for sharing this great lesson! I will do some research :) I love the words that you incorporated into the work, too. So cool! We'll be doing this one, for sure!