Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank You Notes

I have two types of thanks to share today.

First, a week ago I had the chance to take a 6 hour workshop from San Diego multi-media artist, Jane La Fazio, on Sketchbooking and Watercolor at the CREATE Retreat for Multi-Media. What a treat that was -- a whole day to quietly focus on sketching and having someone to critique and discuss the finer points of the art! If you like sketching and haven't discovered her blog, try visiting here. And if this sounds interesting to you, and she is ever teaching near you, I HIGHLY recommend the experience -- very low key, fun and helpful!!

Second, you know all those wonderful little thank you notes you get from your students at the end of the year? I just had to share the sentiments of a few that I got from some 1st graders (with their spelling!).
       First there was, "I like the way you think. Thak you for teaching us art."
       Then there was, " ...I sometimes wish that art is every day because I love art."
       And finally, one of my favorites, "Your art progects are so nice. I like that you let us use REAL pant."

Don't you just love teaching art!!!!!


  1. So sweet ... :)

    When I went on maternity leave my class (I teach art 7 hours a week to them, I'm their class teacher) gave me a big 'bye bye, see you soon' card with glitters all over.
    Inside was the message 'Tot binnenkort, wij zijn benieuwd wat het word' or in English: 'see you soon, we are so curious if it is a boy or a girl'.
    I still find glitter when I'm cleaning my living-room and my son is 7 months now ...

  2. I feel for you!! You will probably still be finding little sparkles for months to come!!