Saturday, June 21, 2014

OOPS!! City Shapes and Sounds - Results

Picture me chuckling -- well, sort of:))
I have just spent the last two hours adding more informative labels to most of the posts in the blog so that specific lessons can be found more easily. Seemed like a good idea when I started. However, somehow this post (from 2011) got re-published with today's date and I can't figure out how to get it back where it belongs!!! The original lesson is here. Oh well, guess I'll just leave it here. Hope everyone is having a great week-end!!

Yeah kindergarteners!!
Here are some of the results of this week's work celebrating the art of Stuart Davis.

Preparation was key in this lesson with back to back classes. I had prepared plates for each table with all necessary supplies and swapped out the plates quickly for each new group.

Visual directions were on board for students to follow.
I started the lesson showing the kids slides of 5 city scenes (3 by Stuart Davis) and having them close their eyes and listen to the sound of traffic (from an internet sound effects clip). I asked them how all were alike. That got us thinking and talking about cities. Before starting the collage, we could practice moving the "buildings, words, etc." and talk about placement of the pieces.

Placing the streets was tricky, but the kids really "got it!"


  1. Love Stuart Davis - these are great - so fun when doing abstraction and they "get it"

  2. Oh - this looks great! I'm always looking for ideas for my little ones - thanks for sharing!

  3. love me some stuart! very cool. i really dig how you incorporated the actual sounds of the city!

  4. Stuart Davis is one of my favorite artists. I use him with my 4th grade and like you, use city sound effects as well as jazz CD's, playing at the same time for a really cacophanous sound! The kids love it!

  5. Oh, thank you so much! It is my second year teaching art to lower elementary. I truly appreciate all your ideas.