Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Art Room Refills

Does this look familiar?? Just wonderin' , as I sit here, how many other teachers are refilling watercolors and restoring order to art cupboards? :))


  1. When I first started teaching ( many moons ago...) I used refillable watercolors... Uuuuggghhhh!!! It made me crazy refilling them! I'm in the beginning of organizing my 2 art rooms for the summer.... everything needs to be re-organized and straightened up..sigh... I will appreciate it come September when school starts up again! Hope you have a great summer break! :)

    1. Hope you have a restful summer, too!! I think I have one more session of moving things out of my art room and into my new (well, not really NEW) storage cupboards for next year's Art Cart -- but that is whole other post to come, I think. I have been thinking about the advice you gave me earlier for my downsizing to the cart -- thanks again for that!!

  2. I teach elementary and High School and am dreading cleaning 2 rooms. Some of it is done and I will have the big kids help me do the High school room tomorrow.
    Have a restful summer!