Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Year of Red, White and Blue

Happy Flag Day to you!!
I thought it would be fun to go back over the year and find some red, white and blue images (starting with these Memorial Day flags):
I haven't done this art project at school yet -- maybe next year...
Part of this exercise was like going on vacation again, revisiting fun places. Here is artist, Nic, painting in front of his gallery in Carmel, CA and another view of the Pacific Ocean (also in Carmel).

And then there was visiting Balboa Island, where EVERY house has a cute mailbox out front!!
Here is another art project that I intended to do with the kids this year.
Summers in Victor, Montana have such special memories!!! The 4th of July there is great fun!!
Speaking of Victor, Mt, I got this little kid's antique chair near there years ago. (The Mondrian Art books didn't come with the chair though!)
Last November I got in the mood to paint some needlepoint Christmas ornaments. I used to do a lot of that -- not so much anymore. But it was fun to work on them for a few weeks.
I found this little door ornament at Joann's last week. Getting ready for the 4th, I guess:)
 I've had this little guy for almost my whole adult life. He's always just sittin' there on my desk.
And, finally, one of our favorite art projects for 1st graders...
I think I will spend some time between now and the 4th of July collecting a few more red, white and blue photos. Hopefully I'll be able to find some images near our school so they will be familiar to the students. I can use them for a Smartboard presentation for a red, white and blue art project next year!!

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