Saturday, January 15, 2011

Light Source with Cupcakes

This week 5th graders will be using the paper mache cupcakes they completed last week as models for pencil sketches and oil pastel drawings. We will be looking at shadows created when a light is directed at the cylinders and kids will have a paper light bulb icon to place on their paper to remind them where that light is coming from. I find that this helps them keep their shading and shadows consistent.
(Sorry the photo quality is a bit off on this!) 


  1. I like the idea of drawing from their sculptures. jan

  2. Where did you get the light bulb stamp?

  3. The icon in this photo was from Print Shop (not a stamp) just to show you the idea. For the kids I use a small icon of a sun and another of a lightbulb that I probably got from my computer's clip art (or maybe I drew it by hand). Nothing fancy, because I want the kids to know that they can either draw a simple light reminder or arrow in the corner of their paper to remind themselves of the light source. I print a few pages of these (maybe 20 to a page) and cut them into small squares no larger than an inch and keep them in cups in the room for kids to use.