Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cupcake Drawing/Sketching Results

Our cupcake work is DONE!! Below are photos of a few kids at work on their pencil studies and the oil pastel drawings they did using their paper mache cupcakes as models.

 It didn't matter whether students were working with pencil or oil pastels, the majority of them had that "aha" moment when their flat drawing appeared to be 3 dimensional because of their shading. Kids were holding up each others' work and walking away so they could view the magic from a distance. I just LOVE it when that happens!! I have one more set of pencils sketches from this afternoon that I forgot to photograph. I'll add them later to this post, because that group REALLY got into it and most were able to sketch multiple cupcakes.


  1. Terrific! I love the rich colors, and that they used the cupcakes they made themselves, for their models in this drawing.

  2. What a great uint! You really used this concept to the fullest! Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are gorgeous! Every one of them.

  4. Hi! I just finished with clay cupcakes and Wayne Thiebaud cakes and pies projects...

    I absolutely love the concept you have here of "Cupcake Studies"... Keeping with one subject and drawing it in different ways. Great connections to the value I do with my 4th graders. Thank you for sharing a variation on what I am already doing, it is sure pushing me to go further and pus the kids, too!

    Jessica Balsley