Friday, January 28, 2011

Experiment with Composition Results

This week 5th graders finished their experiment with composition using a color/alphabet system that we patterned after a process similar (we think) to one used by artist, Steve Roden (see earlier post here). We did it in one 50 minute session, but it was a rush. I would split it into 2 sessions next time. This turned out to be one of those projects where EVERYONE was successful!!

This was the first step in this project. Kids created a bunch of small squares, mixing colors.


  1. This is very cool! The kids really had to think! I have to admit, when you first posted the idea, I was skeptical; I thought the kids might not "get the point". But the results show just how wrong I was - they obviously "got" it and I'm sure they think their results are as cool as I do. Forgive me for my rush to judgment - I am not afraid to say i was wrong! Great lesson!!

  2. Thanks, Phyl. I wasn't 100% sure that they would "get" the balance and unity ideas, but I was pleased and a bit surprised at the amount of time most kids took rearranging their squares and asking each others' opinion on placement. That was my favorite part of the lesson. However, I overheard some girls looking at the hall display today and their favorite part was -- of course, watching the colors of the watercolor run together using wet on wet.