Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cupcake Results

We finished one batch of cupcake sculptures (a la Thiebaud) today and the rest should be done tomorrow. I thought we'd have time to use them as models for drawing today, but painting took the whole period. It seems I frequently misjudge how much kids can get done in 45 minutes!! We'll have to wait til next week for the drawings.

I love the way this boy planned out the placement of his purple and blue two-toned cupcake to alternate with the colors of his two-toned board. He was quite specific how he wanted everything placed!
 And these two students went all out on designing their boards with patterns:

My biggest surprise was when a couple of kids told me this was the first time they had ever done paper mache!!! I'm glad they got the opportunity before moving on to Middle School.


  1. love the environments that they painted. Which lesson did you send? Let me know by commenting on my blog so I'm sure to see it! Thanks again.

  2. I got it! Thanks it's all formatted. I'd never heard of that one either and I want to use it myself one day. My husband is from Philly and I've always loved the LOVE park sculpture. Hmmm. .. also makes me of skate parks. . . design a skate park. . . might be fun for a middle school junk sculpture. (another project for another time) By the way thanks for keeping it simple. I appreciate that and so will everyone else. Thanks again.