Friday, October 29, 2010

Seascape Results

I would do a lot differently if I were to teach this lesson again.  First, I wouldn't try to do a 3 session lesson in 2 sessions -- BIG mistake.  Most of the kids did get the idea that the size and positioning of their objects created the illusion of space in their seascape.  I also liked how many of the skies turned out with the "wet on wet" watercolor application.  My thinking is that the results would have had more character if students had had more time to create their boats, lighthouses, dolphins, etc. Somebody asked to see the results, so here are a few.

I had considered doing a seascape with Eric Carle-like sails on the sailboats that I saw on MaryMaking blog (  Now I wish I had done that, as that artwork has a light, playful quality to it that I like.  Oh well, next time.  Have a good weekend, all!!

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  1. I know what you mean. Sometimes a lesson doesn't go the way you want and you wish you could do it all over. Thanks for posting the difficulties and the "what you would do if did it again" parts!

    They still look pretty good!