Saturday, October 16, 2010

Line, Repetition, Rhythm

In this non-representational collage and marker artwork, children will use repetition of line and color to create rhythm.  For this project we'll look at some photographs I got from a Google image search on repetition, some images of paintings by Bernard Stanley Hoyes and Victor Vasarely and work on the website Bomono to illustrate motion.
(link:  If you're not familiar with this site, give it a try.  It's fun!
white paper (We'll be using a small size - 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" - so that we can
                   back it with half of a 9"X12" piece of construction paper
                   without waste --- I have a VERY small budget this year!)
white glue
magazines (We have a great stash that my mother saves for me!)

Our Process:
1.  Rhythm is a somewhat vague concept to define visually, so I plan to relate it to rhythm in music.  Another concept we will look for (and try to replicate in some way) is the idea of "where the eye is drawn" in looking at the piece of art.  The placement of lines, colors, etc. may help guide the eye to that point.  Many of the examples I'll show the kids have small to large repetition (like a long triangle).

2.  After discussing how artists think about size and direction of line/shapes and color variety to give the impression of motion and rhythm, children will search in magazines to find large expanses of color that they can cut and use repetitively in their own work. We'll be using white glue to place the pieces on the collage.

3.  When the gluing is done, students will use black marker to draw details to further reinforce the rhythm of the piece.

I know the kids can collage and work with markers, however it is seeming a bit ambitious that they will all "get" this idea of rhythm, but I am hopeful -- we'll see!!  I'll post the results.

3rd Grade California Content Standard 1.1

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  1. This is really a cool idea. It could seem very abstract, I think, for the children. I am interested to see the results.