Monday, January 6, 2014

Art Inspiration from Carmel, California

Happy New Year from Carmel, California (where the weather is in the 70's!!)

Carmel is a quaint little town on the coast of Central California. Everywhere you turn there is inspiration for an artist, so my camera was clicking away, thinking of ideas to incorporate into our art room back at school!

Our first stop was the corner of 5th and Dolores at my friend's art studio/gallery (Nicholas Boghosian Fine Arts) LOTS of new paintings to see there while you share a cup of coffee and take in artwork. If I had a large dining room I would buy this pair of watercolors in a nanosecond!! They remind me of our trip to Paris.

One of the most unique aspects of this gallery is being able to see the artist at work. Usually he is tucked into his corner near the front window where people stand outside behind him and view him painting through the corner window.

But when the weather is balmy, as it was this week, he sometimes moves outside and paints. He is so welcoming to visitors and often stops to chat.

After that stop we left Nic hard at work (just imagine, he calls this work!!) and his wife and I strolled the streets where galleries abound!! Actually, we did this every day!
 And charm is everywhere you  look!!

Of course, there were MANY lunch breaks!!

Finally, there were the sunsets -- unbelievably beautiful. I am going to have to use some of these shots as inspiration for a classroom project.

I'm thinking about using this for an abstract positive/negative space project.
Ah well, I am back at home now and thinking about this week's classes. We'll be starting a one point perspective lesson with 5th graders on Wednesday. I'll share as soon as we get started.


  1. It all looks just SO lovely! That lunch... mmmm... almost too pretty to eat!

    1. I agree. I am back at school now and today's lunch in the teachers' lunch room did not begin to compare with that plate!!!