Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Will Winter Arrive??

These trees in Southern California are totally confused. Usually by this time of the year they have lost all their Fall foliage and are bare. But here we are in the middle of December and it is 70° outside!!

So, I am pretending it is cold and Christmas-like. Made some paper mache antlers for my newspaper pooch. . . .
and followed this recipe:
to make batches and batches of these holiday cookies -- YUM!!

Hope everybody has a wonderful Winter Holiday. See you in the new year:)


  1. Haha I hope you don't expect sympathy for your California winters! This past few days we've gone through a couple of days where temps didn't go above the single digits, gotten a foot of snow plus a couple more inches the next day, and tomorrow, predictions are for temps in the 20's & 30's and freezing rain. At least around here, Santa will not overheat in his furs and his sled will glide easily through the snow and ice.

  2. Brrrr!! Hope you are settled in with a warm cup of cocoa!! We had a brief shower yesterday, so it is a bit brisk today, but winter-like -- not really!!

  3. Did you make that paper dog? If so could you explain how you did it? I'd love to make one. If you didn't could you direct me to who did/where you got it?

    1. I made the antlers but I bought the dog at the Carmel Bay Company in Carmel, CA.I had originally seen it at a gift store in Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. However, if you search on Google for "recycled newspaper dog" you can probably find him. I think this model is called "Rascal." I must say, I had thought about making such a dog, but when I looked closely, twisting and fastening all those little pieces looked pretty daunting!!!