Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Reading

Summer seems to be whizzing by and I still have a stack of books (these are just a few) lined up to read. Nothing like a cup of tea, a gentle breeze and a good book!! The cup is a new acquisition from Anthropologie. I am beginning to feel the tug of a new school year starting soon, but am not quite ready to let go of summer yet:)


  1. Ah, tea and a good book- I think we'd get along just fine! Love the cup. Little Bee is a fabulous book but I haven't read the other 2. I have a pile as well - seems like I've seen a lot of summer reading posts lately. I was going to say 'perhaps I'll jump on the bandwagon' when I remember I already posted about some summer reading a while ago. Next up on my reading list: The Dovekeepers, and also, for book club we are reading a classic: The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway which I have never read. I've avoided Hemingway since school and the dreadful The Old Man& the Sea. Oh how I despised that book!

    1. I've seen those reading posts, too (including yours:) ) I like seeing what others are reading -- almost always sends me to the library to check out one or two. The only trouble is finding the time to read them.

  2. Love the cup- I love Anthropologie but have to head straight for the secret SALE section at the back! It's the only part of the store I can afford!

    It's always interesting seeing what others read. Summer seems to be the only time I read unfortunately. I'll have to do a reading post soon, perhaps. Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  3. You're so right! Summer is evaporating before our eyes. Hrm. Sometimes I wish I could tug it right back!

  4. I find myself hyperventilating whenever I count down the weeks left as we have not really had 'summer' yet. Maybe the weather will cooperate tomorrow. Little Bee is one of my favorite books, but very heavy so be prepared.

  5. Great blog Christie-I've pinned some of your ideas! I am rereading Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver- love the characters and the chance to be part of their humid summer and the flora and fauna at their farms and mountains of Southern Appalachia.