Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Finds in Montana

I just got back from Montana and loaded all my photos onto my laptop to "re-live" the days. It seems I was focused quite a bit on critters:
This VERY LARGE fellow appears to be half squirrel and half chipmunk and is growing larger every day!
She wanders through my brother's property daily.
These alpacas are a few of a large herd raised nearby.
I am planning to use this to have the kids do one of those great cow pictures I have seen around the web. I know Mary did one at her site, Marymaking, and I am sure I've seen others. I'm not sure just what we will do yet.

I just LOVE the colors on these newstands. Wish we had some like this!!!
This was posted in the window of a local bank. I have never seen a sign like this!!!

I can't believe how many photos I took. It was great practice with my new camera. When I get a bit more time I will post the photos I took thinking of school. One day I tried to get a lot of "nature textures" which I'd like students to interpret in different ways, perhaps with wild colors instead of the natural colors. I haven't quite thought it out yet, but I know I will use them. Here is a sample:

Another day I went out looking for examples of "line" and "repetition" and got some great farm scenes. 

More later....   Now, I have to go wash a suitcase of clothes and get organized. We don't start school until near the end of August, but I am feeling the need to start thinking about planning. Have a good week!!


  1. What fun and great pictures! I think they will be a lot of fun to use in class. I need to take pictures too. This really inspires me to go out. Just wish I could go to Montana to do it too.

    PS- I love the cow portrait. She looks like she posed. :)

    1. My sister-in-law let out a few loud "MOO"s to get that cow to look at me like that!!!!

  2. Lovely photos.
    It seems like you had a great time.

  3. Wow! You have quite an eye for capturing great photos. It makes me want to go out and start snapping as I can see so many ways to use them in the artroom. I'm inspired! Thanks!

    1. Am heading out tomorrow to see what I can find to "snap" in Santa Barbara.There is this great old estate that hosts music master classes every summer. The students perform in a "salon" that looks like it is straight out of Europe -- open french windows looking out on a garden, chamber music, ... what could be a nicer way to wind down the summer?!! I'm taking the camera to see what I can see:)