Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peacocks Galore!!

I spent an hour this morning looking for a Pinterest post to show you an artist making peacock feathers out of coffee filters, cutting them into plumes and creating a wonderful, proud peacock. That was my inspiration for having kindergarteners using coffee filters for their tails -- however, I couldn't find the post. But thanks to whoever that was -- I hadn't thought of using filters in that way.
All classes started by viewing photos of peacocks on the Smartboard and discussing the colors and details of the feathers, head and body. Then we watched this great YouTube clip of a peacock fanning its tail. I got that from Natalie at smART Class blog (here). She has a cool lesson for doing collage peacocks, too!! The next step was to use liquid watercolors (yellow and blue) to create the tail. Some classes started by painting the blue dots first and painting yellow around them. A couple of classes (where I had less time) painted the whole filter yellow and then dropped in the blue.

The last step for that day was to use the side of a piece of illustration board to "print" gold lines for the quills of the feathers. Kids had used this technique recently for another project, so they knew just what to do.

On another day, students used blue construction paper for bodies and heads. They colored the feathers with light blue and white oil pastels to get the shaded effect and then glued them together. The eyes and top feathers were made with thin Sharpie markers. We even got a little "cutting practice" in by cutting the green grass strip. (If I had had more time I would have had the kids pre-paint the paper for the grass to give it more depth and interest -- NEXT TIME!!)

Did you know that a "flock" of peacocks is also known as an "ostentation?" Isn't that a great name for peacocks showing off their tails?!!!


  1. How cute I love this for kinder! I've done other peacock things with older kids but think this is perfect for the little ones. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are gorgeous! pinned for next year! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. It was fun hearing the kids exclaim as the yellow and blue started to blend to make green. I find that even when children know what is "supposed" to happen, they don't lose that sense of wonder when it actually does happen.

  4. Christie,

    I have the coffee filter Peacocks pinned on my Peacock Board on Pinterest. Unfortunately, ther was no attribution as to where it came from. You can see it on my Pinterest page, Pat Stevens. I think I have it figured out and would love to try it. Good luck and I like your interpretation!


    1. Thanks, Pat. I can't tell you how long I searched for that pin before giving up!!!!! I may have to break down this summer and open a pinterest acct myself!!!

  5. What a great project for kindergarten students.
    I love how the colors blended.

  6. I'm going to do this with Turkeys in the fall!!!!!!! Love it!!

  7. This is a great project for kindergarten. The colors are so bright..I'll try this next year.