Sunday, May 20, 2012

"A Burst of Color"

We started the week off with kindergarteners talking about what the dried salt areas of their paintings looked like. (lesson here) Then they ripped the masking tape off their watercolor/salt paintings (with more "ooohs and ahhs") as the white line stripes were revealed. Finally, they placed their paintings on the carpet area matching up one of their white lines with someone else's.

What fun!!
I was stapling a bunch of them on the hallway display board when a little girl came around the corner from the cafeteria, stopped in her tracks and exclaimed, "OHHH, it's just like a BURST OF COLOR!!"

Isn't this why we teach?!!


  1. Christie these are so so beautiful and a great review of color theory too! I think I might have to try something like this with my students!!! I will be posting on my blog about our color theory amnesia soon. It seems they forget everything I teach them in September and October!

  2. What a great colorful project.
    The colors are so beautiful and bold.
    Like the little girl said:"It is a burst of color!"

  3. Gosh these are just so pretty. I am all about the bright colors!

  4. Just found your blog via an art teacher, I love your ideas! Thank you for sharing this...I'll have to file it under next year's lessons as I only have one day left in the art room! ...Cassie

  5. These are gorgeous. Love salt and watercolor and the masking tape compination.

  6. Beautiful! What kind of tape/paper are you using? Last time I tried something like this was a Monet lesson - we taped fences and gates and bridges and then painted. And when we took off the tape it tore the paper like crazy. We glued paper flowers over the holes and one girl cried and cried and cried and I never tried it again! Can you give some advice?

    1. I've had that problem with paper tearing before, too. These were done on a variety of scrap illustration boards from the art framing store. The tape was just regular old masking tape (narrow -- maybe 1/2 inch width.) We also left a bit of tape hanging out over the edge of the board to use as a "handle" when ripping. I do caution the kids to hold the board right next to the tape as they start to rip to keep the board from separating. Once they start, though, a quick rip seems to work better than a slow one. Out of the 4 classes I did this with I only had 2 pieces that tore a bit too much and I was right there with the glue bottle to fix it quickly before the kids had a chance to be upset.

      The other possible problem with this technique is the paint "seeping" underneath the tape. That happened in a few cases, but in this case, it really didn't matter -- we could still see the paler lines.

  7. These came out great! The collective group together is fabulous! :)

  8. So cool! I've never done the 'salt on watercolor' but have been wanting to try! I love that they connected with someone else's line. So creative.

  9. So beatiful! I read somewhere that if you have the kids put the tape on their clothes before they put the tape on the paper, it comes off much easier afterwards.