Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Warm and Cool Collage Results

Following the lead of artist, Kim MacConnel here, 2nd graders are producing small abstract collages. If  you haven't checked out MacConnel's work, PLEASE DO!!!

Using small, medium and larger pieces of illustration board, students used lines and dots to create pieces of mini-art. Then they glued the small pieces on a piece of black board, using squares of foam core to give the pieces different elevations. This was the BEST DAY!! I started with a brief Smartboard lesson on warm/cool colors and then moved on to showing the kids MacConnel's work at the Felsen Gallery. They got so into their designing that nobody wanted to go to recess!!! Here are a few results

I must say, it has been so long since I've had kids working with anything non-messy, that I forgot what it was to clean up and be ready for the next class with time to spare!!


  1. The rest of the kids finished their compositions today. I absolutely LOVED listening to them talk as they worked. I heard things like,
    "I want to turn this the other way so the lines are horizontal."
    "Which colors are the cool colors?"
    "Ooops, this isn't a warm color, how can I fix it?" (I had prepared them for this possibility, since I made the same mistake. I showed them how I turned my yellow into green by putting blue over it.)
    "Where do you think I should put my pop-up piece?"
    The ART TALK was VERY plentiful for the whole period -- music to an art teacher's ears!!! The kids weren't even phased when 6 groups of between 10 and 20 parents came through (future Kindergarten parents attending our Kindergarten Round-Up) touring the school!!!!

  2. I always forget what a joy it is to use markers or crayons too! It's awesome to throw in a lesson that uses less messy materials. They look great too. I am not famIliar with his work. I should look up more about him.