Friday, November 6, 2015

Picasso and Fractured Frankensteins

Last week one of our third grade teachers wanted to try out this lesson that she had seen on Pinterest using Picasso and Halloween as the motivation. So I helped out. (I wish I knew the original source to share with you, but all she had was a photo on her I-Phone and I don't have that information.)

We started with a little Picasso background and a Smartboard illustrated discussion about Cubism and its origins with Picasso and Braque. Students notice placement of eyes, nose, etc. and we talked about profile view vs. full face view.

Then, armed with the following guidelines, kids started cutting and glueing.
They had:

  •  2 pieces of green construction paper (9" X 11"), one light and one darker     

  •  1 strip of black construction paper (about 2" X 8")
  •  1 piece each of black and white construction paper (about 4" X 6")  

  •  1 large piece of construction paper forbackground (12" X 18") 

Students needed very little help as they created these fractured Frankenstein faces!!

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