Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soaring Watercolor Balloons

As the school year winds down, I am already thinking about how to decorate our Auditorium bulletin boards in August, when our new year starts. What better way than with some Kindergarten art?!

First, I read the story, Emily's Balloon to get us all in the mood. Then we looked at some "balloon" images by Jeff Koons and after discussing a few paintings of patterned and colorful hot air balloons kiddos were ready to start their own balloons.

Using a Stayonal crayon they outlined their balloon, "bumping" the edges of their paper. Then they chose interesting lines (4 or 5) to draw from one side of the balloon to the other. Pressing hard with the crayon was key to getting thick, black lines -- our goal!

Last week we talked about how to use and take care of a watercolor brush, so this was a perfect opportunity to review and practice those skills. I was actually surprised that so many of the kids could tell me the important things to remember about brush care!!

 As colors accidentally ran together, we talked about "happy accidents" that can actually make watercolor paintings more interesting. Kids really got into that idea, and I heard a lot of "oohs and aahs" and "Look, I made orange!" comments as I walked around.

After cutting out the balloons I tucked them away until August when they will appear in large bunches (about 150 of them) floating on our Welcome Back bulletin boards. I'll be sure to share with you then:))

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