Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!!

Today I went with a friend and my mom to view the flags on display on EVERY gravesite at the National Cemetery in Los Angeles. My mother, who served in the US Navy when she was younger (she is going on 92!!), always likes to see this display of patriotism.
Boy Scouts placed the small flags yesterday, and I was interested to read the protocol they followed, including standing after placing each flag, observing a moment of silence and saluting.

That is the Federal Building in the background overlooking the cemetery.

We visited my Grandfather's site while we were there.

This was interesting. There are several of these Medal of Honor grave sites acknowledging Medal recipients from various periods of history. This one was from the Indian War and I saw another from the Civil War. 

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  1. My mom was a Wave during WWII. I will be putting a flag on her grave in the morning, also in the Los Angeles area.