Saturday, March 8, 2014

Gyotaku and Bubble Wrap

This past week 2nd graders finished up their month's rotation with me finishing up their Gyotaku. They loved adding the final touches to their underwater collage using bubble wrap to make -- what else -- BUBBLES!!
You have seen this lesson here before. The full lesson is HERE.

Kids used cake tempera in whatever colors they wanted to make their bubbles.
They had pictures of coral, sea grasses and kelp to help them form their collage elements. We discussed currents and how the movement of water would cause light weight grasses move around, too.

 Notice how some fish are angled up or down. We had talked about diagonals as fish were, perhaps, swimming either up or down to go after food!

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  1. This is so cool! This does not look like the work of a second grader. I think this is also a work of art. Being able to use bubble wraps and incorporate them into an artwork, I believe, is an artistic feat that has to be commended.
    Clay Delgado