Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lemons to Lemonade, Paint and Oil Pastels

It won't be long until Kindergarteners will be harvesting their lemon crop!!!

One of our kindergarten classrooms has a FABULOUS lemon tree that is absolutely loaded down with lemons right now. They plan to harvest them and sell lemonade as a fundraiser so there is a sign posted, "Please leave the lemons on our tree" (or something like that!!)

Last week and this week 2nd graders have been creating a multi-media representation of that tree.

They used the above photo enlarged on the Smartboard and oil pastels to draw the tree trunk, shading the dark side and highlighting the side hit by the sun.
This trunk was done with paint. We actually ended up using oil pastel instead.

Next they used wet-on-wet technique for a wash of the sky and ground. This was one of those projects that used a LOT of different media.

The leaves were sponge painted on using regular tempera, again shading the dark side with blue and tinting the light side with yellow.

The last step was make the lemons with oil pastel (again, shading), cut them out and glue them on. I asked kiddos to notice how  many lemons were on the tree and how they overlapped each other frequently. Some remembered this as they glued their lemons.


  1. These have a Wonderful surreal quality to them! I like how all the media and elements come together.

  2. It was fun watching how kids chose different ways to arrange the lemons on their trees. Some were extremely thoughtful, placing each lemon just so and others were little more spontaneous! As they say, "A good time was had by all!!!"

  3. I absolutely LOVE these! I swear I can taste those juicy lemons! Pretty sophisticated multi-step work for kindergartners!

    1. Thanks, Phyl. The lemon tree belongs to the kindergarteners, but the art trees were done by 2nd graders. That would be pretty terrific if I could get kinders to do that!!!!!

  4. Love the lemon trees! I'm so sorry to hear you are losing your room next year :( I have been Art on a Cart more times over the years than I care to remember! One time I did it through 8 months of pregnancy( yeah, that's was a lot of fun... lots of help from the kids) Save everything that you can use to contain supplies, with the lids if they have them. Any plastic totes with handles are good too, so the kids can carry them to pass out and collect supplies you store in them. Containers that stack well are good too. i would keep a bucket with water and wet paper towels for hands.( No sinks in the rooms) I did try baby wipes for a while but we went through so many it was expensive. The paper towels didn't cost me anything, i would just grab them from the shelf the custodian stored them on.(I got permission to get them from there)The super huge laundry detergent jugs that have the pour spouts(the ones you push the button to release the soap) work to carry extra clean water. just make sure that when its laying on the cart the spout doesn't leak. after time using them they would eventually leak and I would have to switch them out. I used to push one cart in front of me and pull one from behind at times! Organization is key! All my visuals were clipped to the side of the cart so I could just unclip them and hang them up in the class I was in. Color Wheels, color mixing charts, prints, etc... The only plus side to it was I didn't have to do seating charts for all the classes! I conducted my classes as if i were still in my own room and the teachers were very supportive for the most part. I only had one that treated me like i was invading her space, but i did my thing anyway. As long as the kids cleaned everything up and the room was the way i found it we were good! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Good Luck! :)

  5. Mrs. C:
    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! Believe me, I am looking at all my containers, etc. through a different lens, considering their usefulness on a cart!! Fortunately, I have been a bit of a pack rat with all that kind of stuff, so I have a good supply. I store my charts now on skirt hangers and I figure I can rig up a way to hook that to the cart. Your idea of plastic totes is great -- I'll start saving a few now. I have buckets because I always have kids wash their hands out on the patio in them instead of using the one sink in the room. All our rooms have sinks, so fortunately I won't have to carry water. I probably won't take the time to wash brushes and stuff in someone else's room, so I'll be transporting them back to "my sink." I have been told I can use the teachers' workroom sink. It may not be ideal since it is a public, shared space, BUT the good news is, it's adult size -- no more stooping over, no more achy back!! As you can tell, I'm looking for the positives!! Like you, our teachers will be supportive:))
    Thanks again for taking the time to offer help -- when I am in the thick of it, I may contact you again!!!:)))