Saturday, April 27, 2013

Organic Shapes for First Graders

Using the art of Reggie Laurent as their springboard, 1st graders finished these cool mixed media collages this week. I loved this project on so many levels and will definitely do it again!! Here is some of the completed artwork:
There was a LOT of art vocabulary (organic shapes, primary/secondary colors, curved lines, borders, line patterns, etc), not to mention the actual production skills of cutting, paintbrush control and gluing. We use Elmer's Glue All, so students only needed 5 small dots of glue on each shape (applied with a sandwich stick).
This girl was "painting" a practice line with water before she actually applied the white paint.
For their border pattern I had asked the kids to use either black or the complementary color of the "inside" color. Most students remembered to do that and I noticed a lot of heads turning to consult the Color Wheel!!

The steps to the original lesson are here. I found that the only step some students needed help with was the cutting. The gluing and painting was a "snap"!!
Happy Week-end to all:))

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