Sunday, April 21, 2013

From Sketchbook to Classroom

For the last couple of years, as I have mentioned before,  I have participated in the Sketchbook Challenge. ( See my sidebar for the link) I like the informal structure and I like having one topic for a whole month. It gives me time to think about the concept as I'm moving through daily life and then draw when it is convenient.

Someone recently asked me how I use my sketchbook. Well, sometimes it stays out and I grab it while I'm watching TV. Sometimes, it is sitting there and because it is a watercolor sketchbook, I'll get out the paints and work for half an hour to an hour just for fun. When I don't have it sitting where I can see it, I tend not to do as much drawing (lesson learned!!).

This month the topic was "Spirals". I did a quick sketch early in the month called, Wandering Spiral.

Then, I got to thinking about that, and how I might use it in the classroom. Instead of using colored pencils (as in the sketchbook spiral), I decided to have the kids use red, yellow and blue tempera and thumbprints to make the spiral.

To form the initial spiral I coiled a length of yarn leaving plenty of space between the arcs to fit thumbprints.

Using the primary colors for some of the prints and combining the colors to make secondary colored thumbprints, students will consider balance as they complete their spiral, leaving the yarn until they have finished making their prints.

When the prints are dry, we'll outline them with a Sharpie.

All done -- sketchbook to classroom!

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