Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Results

3rd graders finished up working with value on their moonlit skies and pumpkins this week. We talked about tints and shades and creating the illusion of depth by overlapping and placing smaller objects nearer to the horizon line. The media used was oil pastel and baby oil. (Original post HERE)

A parent walked by as I was putting these up in the hallway. I liked her comment. She said, "These are great! It's like Van Gogh's Starry Night Meets the Pumpkin Patch!"
I hadn't thought about using this technique for a study of Impressionists, but it is a good idea!! I showed the kids one of Georgia O'Keeffe's sunset skies as inspiration for their moons.
 The set-up for this project is below. On the white try I had my large STAONAL black crayons (I LOVE THESE CRAYONS!!), white oil pastels in a little cup, pre-cut black rectangles and small square for pumpkins and scissors. The red plate had an assortment of oil pastels with plenty of the colors I thought kids would need. (I did this so they wouldn't spend unnecessary time searching through my larger buckets.) I put a very small amount of baby oil in the portion cups with Q-tips along side of them.
If you are having your kids use baby oil, you'll find that it takes very little to get the oil pastel to mix together.


  1. Wow, the kids did a FABULOUS job with these! Kudos!

  2. Go third grade - and your excellent teacher of course!
    These are super cool : )

  3. LOVE, love love these! And what impressive work from grade three. I'll be trying these, most definitely. I'll be sure to link them back to you! (I'm a newbie Thank you for the tips on working with the baby oil!

  4. Those are beautiful! Your students are very talented. How many class periods did this take? How long are your classes, and how often do you see them? Thanks :).

  5. Thanks!! I like the way they turned out, too. Jessica - my classes are 50 minutes each. However, by the time the classes arrive and get seated they are probably more like 45 min. This project took just one class period. The first group arrived late and were interrupted by the principal's announcement on the PA, so they ended up with just 35 minutes and managed to complete them. Two of the other classes had some extra time so they stayed closer to an hour. They got a bit more of my introductory Smartboard part of the lesson:))

    It was really fun to hear the kids saying, "Awesome" as they added the highlights to their pumpkins. A lot of kids were asking their desk partners to hold up their work from afar so they could see how those highlights made their pumpkins look real!! One of those moment that is dear to an art teacher's heart!!!

  6. These are just beautiful - amazing that they were done by 3rd graders! Thanks so much for sharing the process and results. I'm going to try this!