Thursday, October 11, 2012

Doggies Galore!!

Quite awhile ago I was browsing the web and came across a photo of a collaged dog. I LOVED it and knew I wanted my students to try something like it. It took me almost a year to track that photo back to its source. I was surprised to find that it was not from an art teacher blog, but rather, from the website of "vintage book" collage artist, Denise Fiedler. If you haven't seen her work, click HERE. I just LOVE these dogs!! I shared this page, along with photos of real dogs with the kids. We discussed the concept of contrast and the shapes used for the parts of dogs before creating our own
breeds. Here are a few of our 4th grade results:

I wish I had taken more photos now -- quite a few got out the door and back to classrooms without me "capturing" them for you. There were a few poodles that were priceless.

However, as an addendum to last week's lesson (posted here), here is some of that work posted in our hallway:


  1. I love your dogs, and I'd love to try them out with my first graders.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Hope you and your kiddos have fun. One thing that might help - I pre-cut the newspaper pieces: one for the body, one for the head and one for the ears (they folded in half and cut 2 at one time) AND I didn't put them all out on the table at one time. This way I could make sure kids only had gray-scale papers and that they didn't try to cut, crumple, throw away and start over. I also showed them how to cut the shapes to keep the size large enough for their background. I had also pre-cut scraps of white and black for the details.

  3. Such a creative project.
    The results are beautiful.

  4. Those doggies are adorable! I could imagine a whole slew of different animals done in this way. They're just great!

    1. Denise Fiedler, the artist who inspired us, actually does lots of different animals and objects:))

  5. Hello! I can't find a contact page for you, but I am wondering if I could use one of your collage images for a round-up post I am doing on dogs (dog unit study, book basket, art/craft ideas, cooking, etc.). I will link back to your blog post and give you credit, too. Thanks so much for your consideration. :)