Saturday, April 28, 2012

Agapanthus, Where Are You?!

Usually this time of year beautiful purple agapanthus fill this section of our school's garden. My plan was to take classes outside to do some observational sketches followed by paintings using tempera and pastels.

So, I went out 2  weeks ago to take some photos to put on the Smartboard for us all to discuss, and what do I find? -- a carpet of green leaves with 3 dried agapanthus left over form who knows when!! Not a purple flower in sight!

Not to be deterred, I cut the dried stalks, thinking I would go to Plan B and have the kids sketch them instead. Then last week I decided to check again. Believe me, during my first trip out there I searched between all the leaves looking for prospective buds, but didn't find one! Now, all of a sudden, look what I find -- a beginning!!!

So now, I think I'll wait a week or two and see what happens. Maybe I'll get my bed of solid agapanthus before school ends after all and we can do this project I have in mind. Meanwhile, I have to decide on something else for this week:)) I have several ideas and will let you know what I end up with:))