Monday, December 26, 2011

The Christmas Visitor

Hi. It's me, Max, again. You may remember me from Thanksgiving (see post here). Well, I came back for Christmas with all sorts of new ways to torment the grown-ups! I did avoid the table they had set for Christmas Eve dinner until they had finished up and left for the living room. Wasn't that nice of me? I tried to climb in the dishwasher -- they didn't take too kindly to that. But, I didn't go after the Christmas tree. They had put it up above my sight level, so I didn't really notice it. It wasn't a real tree, so the scent didn't alert me. These humans can be pretty crafty!! I REALLY got my dad's attention when I tried to find a way past the fireplace screen and climb in there. I don't know what all the fuss was about; it isn't a real wood burning fireplace so there were no messy ashes and the thing wasn't even turned on 'cause it was in the 70's outside!!

As you can see above, I did find a new "favorite spot." I discovered that the bathroom sink fit my fluffy fur shape perfectly -- just like a nest. They all came to see how cute I was in there, and it didn't seem to annoy them enough to chase me out, so I kept returning there all day.

I was so active all day that when Christmas day came I was too tired to even enjoy all the ribbons, papers, etc. I did get up from my nap long enough to discover this great bag that somebody must have gotten just for me. I'm such a lucky little dude:)


  1. I think you have the makings of a wonderful children's book here between the adventures of Max and your wonderful watercolors. Just saying... :) Love the photo of Max in the sink!

  2. We cat parents just can't pass up a chance to brag, can we? Max and my Teddy have a LOT in common when it comes to sinks! Ha!

  3. Love the photos- cats are so photogenic! We never know where we are going to find our cat - she's always finding a new crazy place to hang out.

    Have you seen the How to Wrap a Cat video? Look at this:

  4. I did see that video the other day -- a riot!!

  5. Mary -- I used to think writing a children's book would be fun when I had the time. Now I have the time -- have I done anything about it?? Nah, takes a LOT of self discipline (that as yet I don't have) to actually write something good!!! Maybe someday.