Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kittens' Thanksgiving

Hi, I'm Max. I know I look full grown with all my puffy fur, but I'm really still a kitten.
This is Cassie (who is far smaller and daintier than I am). She is a bit older and wiser than I am, but still a kitten, too.
We got to visit "Aunt Christie" for the first time this Thanksgiving. I heard that she put all the "valuables" away or out of my reach before I arrived. But I still found plenty of stuff to explore. For instance, there was her Thanksgiving centerpiece that she featured in her last blog post. It had all these great sprigs of hard, red, berry-like things sticking out of it.
I discovered that I could hop up on the table (which seemed to annoy everyone in itself), remove each sprig carefully (so I didn't break them) and bat them onto the floor. When they came after me saying "No, Max!" I raced away and hid in the bathtub. Aren't I just too clever?!

I am back home now, so Aunt Christie can clean up after the feast, but I am already thinking about what mischief I'll get into the next time I visit.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend:)


  1. I enjoyed reading this post.
    What adorable creatures these cats are!

  2. Love your kitty-visitors! Truth is, there's just NO WAY to keep the cat off the table, and I've learned from experience, that if you don't want something to become a toy, you'd better hide it in a drawer or the bathroom with the door closed. My cat would have loved your centerpiece too!

    For a REALLY FUNNY cat story, read this post by another art teacher blogger:

  3. Haha, your little ones are adorable! Aren't they fantastic at doing exactly what you don't want them to? But we forgive them. They have us so well trained!!

  4. I spent yesterday vacuuming up little puffs of hair and trying to find all the little nick-nacks that I had taken off tables and put away in cupboards before the arrival of the kitty duo. I think I found everything and returned them to their rightful places. However, I am still walking carefully, halfway expecting a streak of lightning to race between my ankles as I walk. Kittens are a real joy!!

    Phyl -- you are definitely right, they see most everything as a toy!! The interesting thing about these cats was that they left the dining room table alone when we were there eating. Didn't bother us a bit and have no interest in "people food". Instead they laid claim to the sofa and chairs where we had been sitting in the living room and contentedly went to sleep! Max only went for the table decoration once the table was cleared and the only thing left on it was the centerpiece with no people around to interrupt his play!!! I can only imagine what Christmas will be like with a tree full of ornaments for them to investigate!!

  5. OMG those kitties are soooooo cute!!!

    I have a really silly and totally random question that I hope won't annoy you. Are you by any chance 1butterfly_grl1? If so I would LOVE to be your friend and I have some questions regarding recommendations. :D

    Well in any case please have an AWESOME DAY!