Monday, November 14, 2011

Floating Spheres/Op Art - First Results

3rd graders had one class period (50 minutes - less clean-up time) to complete this project. We did not get to the last phase (as posted here) so we just took our squares with spheres and glued them (slightly askew) on a piece of 6" X 6" illustration board. Luckily I had these 6" X 6" squares (donated and pre-cut) in my closet to whip out. I put an assortment of colors on the rug and kids chose the color they thought went best as a background for their own work. I liked the decision making conversation that took place as they accomplished this last step:)


  1. Cool! Third graders did this?

    1. Yep!! I am just getting ready to do this lesson with another group of 3rd graders this month. It is a fun and pretty easy lesson to do:)