Thursday, September 15, 2011

Newspaper Column Buildings

Someone on a blog recently asked, "What are your favorite art materials?" Up VERY high on my list would be recycled items, in this case, newspaper.
I actually had several objectives here: wet on wet watercolor for the sky, layering the buildings using dull colors in the background and more vibrant colors and detail in the mid-ground. I wanted the vehicles and people to appear progressively larger and overlap as students moved into the foreground. A final focus was balance of color throughout.

Wet-on-wet sky

Watercolor - dull color
Newspaper for the buildings is great because the columns can dictate the  width of the buildings. The mid-ground buildings are painted with brighter colored watercolors.


  1. Are the newspapers glued to something so they won't get soggy when painted?

  2. No, just used watercolor right on the newspaper and set them aside to dry -- took maybe 15 min. to dry, although it was a hot day.