Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cakes Revisited

I was recently asked by a reader how to draw cakes like the oil pastel ones below (which I did with 5th graders a few years ago during a study of Wayne Thiebaud).

I thought maybe I had directions somewhere on the blog showing the steps I used that I could refer her to, but I couldn't find any. So, here is a quick step-by-step. Hope it helps!!

Of course, you could just bake up (or buy) a luscious cake, cut out a slice or 2 (which you could eat as a snack at recess time), project the cake onto a screen with your document camera (if you have one) and let the kids do an observational drawing. Just sayin' -- it's an option:))

Here is what a whole bunch of cakes look like. You may notice that kids made their cakes whatever number of layers and flavors they wanted and decorated however they liked. We also talked a LOT about "light source" and where the shadows would be. The platters were sandwich foil that I got at our local Smart & Final and they were glued first, before the cut out cakes were glued on.


  1. Really helpful tutorial. Those cakes look scrumptious! Pinning!

  2. thank you...I am looking forward to using this with my kids

  3. Lovely - what brand of oil pastels do you use? I can't get mine to achieve the same blending results.

  4. Lauren - My favorites are Pentel. They are very soft, so they may not last as long, but are easy for kids to blend with.